A Place To Call Home

Family Testimonials

When Jeff and I had met , he was a volunteer fireman . He relocated to start our lives together and was unable to find a local fire station to continue volunteering with. Between this and our children growing up and starting families or lives of their own, we felt that something was missing in our lives. Jeff's family had fostered children as he grew up and he would share stories about the children that had spent time with his family, and he had hoped that they had been able to help them at a difficult time in their lives.

We started talking about it and decided that we would look into assisting foster children as we felt we could have something to offer a child or two.  Initially, we were considering adoption only but through education and support of our case manager, we decided we would try fostering.  Fast forward to about a year and a half later  and the adoption of our daughter will be finalized in June, and we blessed to be placed with two brothers!

 A Place to Call Home is exactly that , an agency that foster families can call their home. They are there to support you 24/7/365. They have after hours support and behavior specialists. The case managers respond quickly and are easily accessible. They are able to assist with equipment like car seats and clothing and toys, especially with emergency placements.  They show appreciation to their foster families by hosting events and having holiday parties.

We had considered other agencies but felt that APTCH listened to what we had wanted and were able to support our needs and we have been thankful we choose them. Foster parents need to feel supported and cared about by their agency, APTCH treats you like family! 

Thank you to all at A Place to Call Home!

Jeff and Athena Anderson

Being a foster parent has been the most difficult and, at the same time, the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.  I’ve worked with underprivileged kiddo’s since 1990 in many different forms and nothing has paralleled the challenges I face as a foster parent.  But, the moments, the families, and the kiddo’s that have proven the most demanding have also been the people and situations that have taught me the most, provided skills on how to be a better parent and a better person and contributed to a life well-lived…a life I know is making a positive difference for kiddo’s in need…a life I’m proud of. I wouldn’t change ONE experience, ONE family, ONE child that I have been blessed to work with as they have all filled my heart and provided much needed life lessons.  And, during recent times, when I’m facing some of the most challenging of situations, I’ve had the incredible support of the A Place To Call Home staff. In fact, it has greatly been their guidance, reassurance, services and check-in’s that has enabled me to maintain my strength, confidence, emotional well-being and belief that I’m on the right track during these tough moments. I very much appreciate that we truly are a team, looking in the same direction, to find options to a variety of obstacles and deciding what is in our kiddo’s best interest collectively. It makes a world of difference. 

Rene Jackson

Thank you for your visit this morning .  We have this message of appreciation that we will like you to convey to APTCH on our behalf for your presence at the hospital on the night of February 27 2017. On this very night when our foster child was being taken back to the operating room, Felicia was alone and needed someone, APTCH rushed down and stayed with her. We are overwhelmed with that singular act of motherliness and care. Motherhood is not only defined by giving births or adopting but also the ability to nurture and be there at the time of need. This is what APTCH exemplified on that night and we are very grateful.

 Please, let everyone know we really appreciated APTCH being there at that odd hours and it is our humble prayer that God will there for APTCH at the times need just as you have done for us. 

Thank You
Felicia and Mudia Ugborugbo