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Why we have amazing families as told by one of our Family Specialists

We have an AMAZING family, because they have always been an advocate for children who have been placed in their home. They don’t see the children for the circumstance, but their goals is to give them the most love and affection and teaching while in their care.

They have been on a journey to find a child a forever home, and will so be blessed with the opportunity to do so. Although adoption has be…en their goal they never stopped at the chance of helping other children in need. I had the chance to speak to them and asked them “at what moment did they know their princess was the one for them?” and they shared “instantly, once we laid eyes on her we knew she would be a part of our family!” it has been a long journey for them but each moment of helping kids and providing their little girl with a forever home has made everything worth it.

I have never had to ask anything more of them because they have always seem to go over and beyond advocating, reaching out to case worker, staying on top of each child needs, and making sure once they left they knew that if no other time, they were loved while in their home.

This is why they are AMAZING!!

I just wanted to take a minute to thank all of our wonderful foster providers and developmental home providers for their tireless commitment to the children and adults they serve.  A Place to Call Home has the best providers out there and it is not said often enough just how much you are all appreciated.  A Place to Call Home is thankful for all of you and having the privilege and honor to be your licensing agency and share in this remarkable journey with you.   Every day I hear of stories from our Family Specialists, Behavioral Specialists, Trainers and other staff who share your accomplishments, sacrifices, compassion and heartbreak and each new story I hear just reminds me more and more of why I am so thankful to work with such dedicated staff and families.  Thank you for all that you do and will continue to do for children and adults in need.  Liz Mehnert, Executive Director

Talent Testimonials

"I enjoy working at A Place To Call Home and getting to know families and people who want to bring an adult or child into their home. I enjoy my colleagues and the new things I learn from them on a daily basis.  I enjoy being able to voice my opinion and I appreciate the feedback I receive from staff and parents.  The work I do is rewarding just by simply knowing that I do make a difference in the lives of adults and children in care, that I am helping improve their quality of life on a daily basis.” – Brandon, Behavior Specialist/Trainer and Employee since August 2009

“I enjoy working at A Place to Call Home because I truly enjoy being able to help families and children find each other and come together as a family.  The work I do is rewarding because I am able to help children find those who are willing to love and care for them is absolutely rewarding to me. In this position you have the chance to help create a family and place children and adults with those who can’t wait to help care and love them back.”  – Jennifer, Family Specialist, Employee since February 2012


Staff Testimonials