A Place To Call Home

My daughter has been with APTCH since August 2010, almost 7 years.  I have such trust in her foster care that if they like APTCH, so do I!   My daughter was having difficult problems at that time, and I have watched her change for the better in the last 7 years.  I definitely am more relaxed and secure in her care.  I also appreciate the fact that if something new  comes along to help her, the foster care goes for it and is not complacent.

-Parent of an adult placed in an Adult Developmental Home

Our daughter Hayley has epileptic seizures and mild behavioral issues. Searching for help we got a flier in the mail from a place to call home and went for an interview. They found a perfect match for Hayley w/Christina/Ck. We have every reason to believe she will be taken care of as if she were living at home. Thx Ada/David Rhoades 3/5/2017.

Parent and Guardian Testimonials