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There has been some misleading information in the media and on social media regarding expectations for foster children as it relates to the new school year.

We do believe that children’s educational goals and their well-being is better achieved in the classroom. But the Department has not universally stated all kids will be in the classroom immediately.

The Department informed congregate care providers on July 28th to utilize the in-person virtual learning option defined in Executive Order 51 for the ~1,500 youth living in group homes. We feel these youth’s educational needs are best served in this setting for access to connectivity/technology as well as services to support their physical and emotional well-being.

For children residing with kinship and foster family caregivers, the Department shared on July 6th the desire for children to participate in-person learning when it is available as well as an escalation exception process for children with medical conditions or residing in a home with high risk individuals. This process includes working with the DCS education liaison to ensure that the child’s educational needs are being met and evaluated to ensure success for the child. This communication did not mandate participation of in-person virtual learning option although that is available per Executive Order 51 to serve the needs of the community.

For more information, please visit the DCS website at the link below:

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