A Place To Call Home

Do you have a CDH or ADH?  Curious about how placement works behind the scenes?

A Place to Call Home (APTCH) proudly employs an experienced Placement Coordinator, Carla Pascolla. Carla’s knowledge, and rapport with placing entities enhances our ability to make thoughtful matches. 

A Place to Call Home receives vendor calls via emails from both DDD and DCS.  The vendor calls are a mass distribution from DDD or DCS to all agencies statewide that hold a contract to provide services. These vendor calls have a detailed placement profile (information on the child or adult requiring care).  Carla carefully reviews each vendor call and then contacts families whose placement preferences are aligned with the details in the placement profile. 

Placement preferences are defined by you, our valued family, and established in the parameters of your license and/or relayed to your Family Specialist.  Placement preferences can change from time to time, so if you review your license, and decide that you’d like to change the parameters such as age range or gender preference, simply notify your Family Specialist.  In most cases, any changes can me made via a simple license amendment.  Updated placement preferences will be immediately relayed to Carla.

Many of our vendor calls are emergency placements; however, some have a closing date, meaning we are likely given a small window of a few days to respond.  Expedient responses to Carla’s emails and phone calls will help you get your name out there quicker and increase the likelihood that your family is selected for placement. If you are contacted directly for placement during business hours,  please contact Carla at 480-456-0549 to leave a message or send an email to cpascolla@tocallhome.com (please copy your Family Specialist or Program Coordinator). During non-business hours, contact our after-hours number, 480-244-7800,  to follow up on the referral  for proper processing.  In these unprecedented times, Carla will call you from a blocked number (please check your voicemail for messages) rather than the office line.

Placement selection is based entirely upon the guardian’s review of families submitted, and often aligned with geographical preferences to keep children and adults close to biological family, schools, medical facilities, etc. 

A Developmental Home is licensed with the intent to place children or adults with developmental disabilities, and the placement must receive, or thought to be likely to receive, DDD (Division of Developmental Disabilities) services.  That being said, if a child or adult does not meet those parameters, OLCR (Office of Licensing Certification and Regulation), who issues your licenses, will not allow us to place.

When responding to a placement, Carla submits a beautifully written profile of your family and experience to the referring Agency.  If you have any information that you’d like potential matches to know about you and your family, please feel free to contact Carla anytime so that she can keep your profile current.  CPascolla@tocallhome.com.

While most of our CDH referrals come through DDD, Carla’s experience when reviewing profiles through DCS allows her to identify potential markers for disability, and she’s able to partner with DCS to determine if CDH placement may be more appropriate for the kiddo, thus increasing placement options for the APTCH families.

Once the placement has chosen a family, Carla will guide you through the process as sometimes it’s an immediate placement, and sometimes we may be able to coordinate transition visits.  No matter the type of placement, it’s certain that APTCH and the kiddos and adults in need of a loving home are fortunate to have such an array of diverse and experienced families and a Placement Coordinator like Carla! 

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