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We all have a lot going on: Children, bills, chores, work, traffic, pets. We have a lot in our lives that we juggle.  Currently, these are unprecedented times; there is community uncertainty, kids home from school, parents working from home who may be worried about loved ones or working long hours at the essential jobs so needed for others.  Things can be stressful.

Why is it so important that we prioritize taking care of ourselves, partners and family?           

When we fall into patterns of work, chores, bills, kids and tasks, our life can become monotonous and we can become frazzled, irritated and unhappy.  We can begin to have feelings of anxiety and general lack of motivation.  We may not sleep well or eat well, which can then lead to overall health problems.   It is so important that we recognize that life is also about taking the time to care for ourselves, reconnect with our partners and laugh as a family.  

Making Time for Yourself.        

Take an hour, each day, for yourself this could be early in the morning or late at night, this could be your lunch hour, but it is just for you.  Simple ideas to refresh and recharge can be to:  Take a long hot bath, go on a hike, or a long walk in the neighborhood, pray, journal or meditate.  This time to yourself can help balance your energy, clear your mind and help you focus on what is most important.  You may also plan things to look forward to, set goals and appreciate the good things in your life. 

Self-Care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you.

Making Time for You and Your Partner
This is a great time set aside for just each other, each day.  Talk to each other about your day and what you enjoyed.  It could be time for planning fun things to come, or just enjoying time together, working out, hiking, or even a good ole’ fashioned card game.  Time together can also be a great time to create goals as a couple, maybe you want to take up jogging and enter the next 5K race or start re-modeling the kitchen.  Taking the time to set goals, as a couple, is a great way to work together and have fun things to look forward to.  This time will help you to remember why you are together, it will help you appreciate each other more and feel like a true partnership. 

It’s not just about tying the knot, it’s about keeping the knot tight.

Make Time for The Entire Family

I love family card games; there are so many simple and addictive card games, for the entire family:

  • 5 crowns
  • Skip Bo                  
  • Uno
  • 9 holes (directions online, takes 3 decks of cards)

These are super fun and super addictive.  Families with older children, a game of Monopoly can get crazy!  This can also be a great time to come up with new family traditions such as:  Preparing a family brunch once a week or, once a month, pick a new project to work on together, maybe you have a special weekly 1:1 time with each child.  Family traditions can become deeply ingrained in your children and you may find them keeping the same traditions with their families for generations to come! 

Cherish your family, make time, have patience and laugh often with them

We can become wrapped in in life’s chores, to-do lists and tasks.  We can go on auto pilot each day and not make the time for re-balancing ourselves, reconnecting with our partners and laughing as a family.  Prioritizing time for what brings us joy and what makes life meaningful, will keep us energized and fulfilled.  


Submitted by:

Tracey Woods

  Agency Trainer 

Blog: Taking Care of Ourselves, Partners and Family