A Place To Call Home

When you become a part of the A Place to Call Home family, you experience a relationship where quality and character matters. Our priority is ensuring the success of our families and always keeping the child or adult at the forefront of all our decision making. Quality and timely service is our trademark, but providing safe and loving homes for our children and adults is our passion.

A Place to Call Home was founded in 1998 with one thing in mind: to make a difference in the lives of children and adults with special needs and disabilities.

The need for quality and traditional families to provide care is tremendous as the number of individuals in need of foster and adoptive homes, child developmental homes and adult out of home care has almost doubled since 2008.

As an agency, we recruit, train and submit home studies for licensure and certification of families and individuals who meet the required qualifications. A Place to Call Home conducts the renewal process, provides monitoring, facilitates placement and offers ongoing training and support.

With a large pool of resources, our families have an extensive amount of support. We act as advocates not only for the children and adults, but for their foster, adoptive, or developmental home providers as well.

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 We provide:

  • Specific training to care for children and adults with disabilities, behavioral or medical needs;
  • Resource and support for the whole family
  • Assisting and advocating for services for educational, behavioral, and medical needs
  • Experienced and dedicated staff to assist you on your journey
  • Spanish Bilingual staff available
  • Expedited licensing process- APTCH will work with your family to complete your home study while you are completing the pre-service training
  • APTCH sponsors an adult social advocacy group for adults receiving services through DDD
  • Behavioral Support Services-to provide training and one on one assistance to meet any challenging behavioral needs
  • Adoption Specialist-assisting your family in navigating the adoption process
  • Respite Coordinator-assisting families in scheduling respite to provide a break for the family
  • On call nurse-to support and provide training as needed for specific medical needs and equipment
  • Placement Coordination-matching the needs of the child or adult in need of out of home care with the family’s skills
  • Trainers-provide pre-service and ongoing training to meet families’ needs in group and one-on-one setting

After hours assistance:  24 hour/7 days a week on-call Management Team Member:

Mesa after hours number:  480-244-7800
Tucson after hours number:  520-404-1598

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